The Experience – The Motorcycle – The Drive – The Food

Tenerife is a bikers paradise!

Locals live it every Sunday, when hundreds of bikers get on the bikes and take the twisty roads towards Teide National Park, situated just above the clouds. When renting a motorcycle in Tenerife driving up to the Teide National Park is a must! Whichever road you will take you will be on beautiful twisty roads with breathtaking scenery

There is a quality cafeteria in almost all petrol stations around the island and this is where the experience usually begins. A fresh croissant, a coffee, a freshly squeezed orange juice and the mandatory fuel top-up is all you need in order to hit the road.

From the beach to the top of the mountain there are so many options that i don’t even know where to start. The routes are so many and so diverse that we recommend the advice of a local biker or guide for choosing the right route for you.


Choosing the right motorcycle to rent in Tenerife

Being comfortable on your motorcycle can make a break a good day out and the roads you will drive on deserve the best of comfort.

Before choosing your motorcycle please consider the difficulty of the roads you will encounter. Most of the roads in Tenerife are narrow and twisty, if you haven’t got the right experience it is important you are on an easy handling and comfortable motorcycle. Here at Moto4Fun your safety is our number one priority and we strongly encourage our customers to get in touch with us prior to booking their bike.

We are excited to hear from you and help make your vacation in Tenerife trully memorable.

It is easy o fall in love with the roads!

In 2017 many of the roads have been  freshly tarmacked and it makes the driving experience so much better. The lush landscape you will encounter is truly the stuff of fairytale, volcanic fields, twisted trees and big canyons.

Once comfortable on the roads and motorcycle, the ever changing scenery will keep you mesmerized and always wondering what it is around the corner. The South is dry with a vast volcanic landscape and once you go to the North everything becomes green mostly governed by tall trees. Many of the roads from the North of the island can take you to a beautiful wild beach with black sands.

The best way to discover Tenerife is on a motorcycle and to get lost on the twisty roads!

The food makes it really special experience!

There are many hidden restaurants, far from the busy touristic centers and we are more than happy to share the experience with you. Fresh fish, good quality meat, vegetarian restaurants or indian restaurants in Tenerife

Many local traditional restaurants also known as guachinches are well hidden in the North of the island and up on the coast. They are always a family business and the food is prepared using old recipes with great  flavor and fresh ingredients.

If you want to try fish, there are many fish restaurants in the South of the island that support sustainable fishing and many of their catch comes from spearfishing. You will never find them in the busy touristic area so make sure you ask us about them!

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