Tenerife 1 Day Trip


Our favorite quote is “4 wheels move the body, 2 wheels move the soul”, so it is only normal that in our opinion a good 1 day trip in Tenerife should be with a motorcycle. But if you decide to do it by car you will still be amazed, so keep on reading.

This guide is an invitation for you to try some of the most beautiful sceneries, local restaurants as well as places to sit down and enjoy the views. It is always a pleasure to know that our clients discover the hidden roads and experience and authentic Canarian Experience.

1st STOP
Mirador de Chirche

The Mirador del Chirche has a nice view and it is surrounded by a calm atmosphere. You can stop here to disconnect, admire the ocean scenery with the island of La Gomera in the background while trying some local deserts and a tea or coffee.


For your next stop get back 0n the main road and continue driving up towards El Teide. The road surface is perfect and you will surrounded by the beautiful volcanic scenery and pine forest. As you climb you will have plenty of places to stop, take photos and interact with nature.

2nd STOP
Roques de Garcia

Los Roques de Garcia, are probably the second well known natural wonders beside Teide in the Las Canadas national park. The unusual shaped red rock called Cinchado is one of the most popular postcards of Tenerife’s landscape.

The strange landscape inside the Canadas caldera has been used in feature films such as Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, and Ten Commandments.


For your next stop get back on the main road and continue driving up towards El Portillo. The road surface changes and you will encounter a few potholes. The road becomes more twisty and narrower but you will still  surrounded by the beautiful volcanic scenery and pine forest. As you continue you will have a few places to stop, take photos and explore the area.

3rd STOP
Have a coffee at Restaurante Papillon

Located in El Portillo (Tenerife), within the Las Cañadas del Teide National Park it is dedicated to stargazing. It is the first restaurant that obtains the Starlight accreditation and becomes a propagator of the values ​​contained in the “Declaration on the Defense of the Night Sky and the Right to the Light of the Stars”.

This restaurant is a must among hikers and nature lovers.


For your next stop get back on the main road and continue driving up towards El Portillo and at the next junction turn right, the road surface is brand new and the scenery will be breathtaking. The road opens up and you will drive above the clouds and slowly slowly towards the dense pine forest. As you continue you will have plenty places to stop and take photos.

As you drive on the right hand side you will pass the astronomical observatory.

4th STOP
Mirador de Chipeque

In our opinion, Chipeque is the most spectacular viewpoint of Mount Teide. It has a few information panels of the area. From this viewpoint you can see the entire northern part of the island, since it is under the territory, to  from Punta del Hidalgo to Buenavista, passing through wonderful views of the Valley of La Orotava. You will always have Mount Teide in the background.

If you are lucky you might even see the beautiful island of La Palma.

For your next stop get back on the main road and continue driving towards La Laguna. Some of you might already be tired and you might want to call it a day. If this is the case i strongly recommend to stop and visit the beautiful city center of La Laguna and then head back to your hotel using the highway. On the way back you can stop and have dinner at one of our favorite fish restaurants on the island, Agua y Sal (more details at STOP 6)

If you decide to continue your drive you won’t be disappointed so keep on driving. The road will become narrow, twisty, fun and breathtaking. DO IT!

5th STOP
Playa de Benijo

This wild, secluded beach in the protected area of the Anaga Mountain Range on Tenerife’s north east coast is not for your average day-tripper. Only accessible via a windy mountain road, this black sand beach is backed by cliffs and pounded by gigantic waves. Expect fantastic views of the Roques de Anaga on this blissfully secluded nudist beach, and experience Tenerife like the locals.

If the steps that take you down to the beach are too much for you, stop at the “Restaurante el Fronton” take a coffee and enjoy the breeze.