Renting a motorbike with Moto4Fun Tenerife - Terms & Conditions

The vehicle is owned or operated by Moto4Fun Tenerife and is in good mechanical condition, it receives the appropriate maintenance, tires and accessories and everything must be returned in the same condition in which it was delivered.

The vehicle may not carry more passengers than those indicated by its manufacturer.

The driver has the physical and mental conditions to be able to drive the vehicle that is rented.

The driver must have the corresponding driving license for large-cylinder motorcycles older than 2 years. The minimum age for the rental will be 25 years old. Any driving license authorized by Spanish or European laws valid in Spain will be valid.

For 125cc scooters and motorbikes the driver must have at least a B license older than 2 years.The minimum age for the rental will be 23 years old. Any driving license authorized by Spanish or European laws valid in Spain will be valid.

UK Provisional licenses are not valid for any kind of category or vehicle type.

The driver is responsible for not driving the vehicle under the influence of any type of drug and / or alcoholic beverage, as well as under the influence of any medication that may impair their driving abilities. In this regard, all regulations on this subject in the Spanish Highway Code must be complied with.

The use of a helmet will always be mandatory.

The client or lessee will be responsible for any type of damage caused by incorrect or inappropriate use of the motorcycle. Moto4Fun Tenerife will be free of responsibility in all those cases in which the client may cause damage or injury to third parties or to himself regardless of the cause.

The driver remains under the protection of the legal provisions in force, being responsible for all those damages that he will cause knowingly or not from the rental of the motorcycle. Therefore, at the time of making the rental, the lessee agrees to exonerate Moto4Fun Tenerife from any type of claim for damages that may be caused.

The lessee is aware that the company Moto4Fun Tenerife has a civil liability and third party insurance contracted for the rented motorcycle.

Moto4Fun Tenerife will charge a deposit depending on the type of motorbike on the credit card or in cash. This amount will be charged to the driver in the event of a mishap and / or accident. To this end, Moto4FUn will proceed to collect said amount from the client via credit card as a deposit at the time of formalizing the rental contract.

At the end of the the rental and after verifying that there have been no damages, the amount will be returned in full to the same credit card of the client. In the event of a very serious accident as a result of which the vehicle is disabled, the amount of the settlement exceeds the deposit deposited, or the vehicle is declared a total loss, and this is the result of negligent or inappropriate driving by the lessee, the client will undertakes to pay the full amount of the vehicle according to the official used vehicle value tables at the time of the accident.

In the event of an accident, the renter will promptly notify Moto4Fun Tenerife and will not take any responsibility or agreement with the other party without the consent of Moto4Fun Tenerife. Otherwise, the tenant will be responsible for them.

Moto4Fun Tenerife is authorized to use said credit card as a guarantee against any damage to third parties that may occur, for delivering the motorcycle without a full gas tank or a possible fine that may occur. The amount to be charged must agree with the debts specified in the corresponding invoices.

The driver always agrees to be responsible for all those fines or charges that may come later but that nevertheless refer to the aforementioned vehicle while it was rented by the interested party or when they refer to the driver directly. Moto4Fun Tenerife will be exempt from all such late charges.

In case of theft of the motorcycle during the rental, the renter will be responsible in principle with the deposit. It must be borne in mind that the insurance is not responsible after serious negligent behavior has been found, such as having left the motorcycle parked without having closed the locks or having left the key in the ignition. In that case, the company may claim from the lessee the market value of said vehicle at the time of theft, according to the official used vehicle value tables.

In addition, the tenant will be billed for any transportation service that has to be organized because of the same client. For example: running out of gas in the middle of the road, or negligent driving.

The rented motorcycle can only be used on roads open to road traffic and / or on asphalt roads where it is authorized to circulate with vehicles. Racing is forbiden.

The documentation of the motorcycle must never (circulation permit, technical inspection sheet, safe copy, contact addresses) be left inside it. When parking, always use the steering lock and take the ignition key with you.

Children under the age of 12 cannot ride a motorcycle since this is specified by law.

The vehicle is rented to a single driver and only that person can drive it during your rental. It may not be loaned to third parties under any circumstances.

The motorcycle, at the beginning of the rental, will be delivered with a full tank. It must also be returned to Moto4Fun Tenerife with a full tank of gasoline.

The vehicle will be returned in the place and on the date stipulated on the contract. Any alteration must be previously authorized by the lessor. Failure to comply with this condition empowers the lessor to judicially require the return of the vehicle.

Warnings and considerations of negligent behavior by Moto4Fun Tenerife in accordance with motorcycle insurance and international driving laws:

  1. a) Driving on one wheel, either the rear or the front. Doing pirouettes or wheelies and causing damage to third parties due to these practices.
  2. b) Ignore the warning signals and / or sneaks on the motorcycle, causing them to malfunction or not function permanently. Taking the motorcycle unnecessarily to the limit of its performance, without justifiable reasons.
  3. c) Produce damage to third parties by not paying attention to the state of the road on which we are circulatingat the moment. That is, driving distractedly.
  4. d) Driving performing riskymaneuverscontrary to good behavior and Spanish circulatory code.


The client requests the rental of a motorcycle for certain dates, to carry out free routes on the asphalt roads of the island of Tenerife, any intention to move to another island will have to be notified and authorized in advance by Moto4Fun Tenerife. The notification must be made via the Moto4Fun.Com website or in writing via E-mail. The contract will become valid once the customer has received the confirmation from Moto4Fun Tenerife.

Having received the correct confirmation, the interested party must confirm that they agree with the data. This will mean that the client, from that moment on, acknowledges having read the general rental regulations for our motorcycles. He has understood them and accepts them without any conditions.

The client will provide their personal data necessary for the reservation of the motorcycle. Moto4Fun Tenerife, guarantees the correct management of the data provided by customers, complying with the laws and regulations regarding the Data Protection Law currently in force in Spain.

We inform you that your data will become part of an authorized file owned by Moto4Fun Tenerife, whose purpose is to manage, maintain and control contractual relationships with clients.

You can revoke the consent given at any time, as well as exercise the rights that the Law recognizes of access, cancellation, rectification or opposition by sending us an e-mail to the following address:


Upon receipt of the request, the client will receive from Moto4Fun Tenerife the confirmation of the corresponding reservation. The client must make the payment as a deposit of 25% of the total value of their reservation. 

Payment must be made by bank transfer, online payment or cash payment.

Payment of the total amount of the reservation will be made at the time of delivery of the vehicle.


1.- The services provided by Moto4Fun Tenerife will be exclusively those described on the web or in the advertising forms.

2.- Climatic situations or information in general about the specific situation in the country are not part of this contract.

3.- Any particular or additional agreement that could be made with the client should be added to this contract in writing.

4.- If it is considered that the renter does not meet the minimum conditions to rent a motorcycle or that he is in danger when driving a rented motorcycle, Moto4Fun Tenerife reserves the right to exclude it and cancel this contract by reimbursing the corresponding amount. Please note that as a customer, renting a motorcycle requires your involvement. Bear in mind that the motorcycle model that you will drive will probably be a model that you do not drive regularly and it will also do so on roads that you do not know or do not drive regularly.


By the client:

1.- The client may cancel his reservation at any time. The cancellation request must be made in writing to Moto4Fun Tenerife as soon as possible.

2.- In the event that the client decides to cancel his reservation, Moto4Fun Tenerife is authorized to collect the corresponding compensation as cancellation expenses. If the cancellation is made less than 15 days in advance, Moto4Fun Tenerife reserves the right to refund the amount provided as a rental reservation.

3.- In the event that a client does not show up for a rental, they will not have the right to cancel the contract and therefore to any refund of the amount already paid.

On the part of Moto4Fun Tenerife, you can cancel the contract:

1.- When a client does not pay the corresponding amount within the indicated deadlines.

2.- When it is confirmed that the client does not meet the appropriate requirements to drive the motorcycles.

3.- To cancel the contract, the opinion of the Moto4Fun Tenerife staff will be valid.

For both parties: In the event that, after having made a contract with Moto4Fun Tenerife, it could not be carried out due to force majeure (for example: natural disasters, strikes, etc.) or it would be much more difficult to carry them out, in that case they may both the customer as Moto4Fun Tenerife to terminate.

Unclaimed services: In the event that for whatever reasons, the client does not claim anything until the rental start date and this is not formalized, a posteriori he will not be able to make any claim requesting a refund of either the total or partial amount.

LIABILITY OF Moto4Fun Tenerife.

Moto4Fun Tenerife is responsible within the framework of the corresponding responsibility acquired as manager of the correct preparation, selection and monitoring of all service providers that may be involved in the rental of vehicles. It will also be responsible for complying with the rules established in the contract between the client and Moto4Fun Tenerife. Responsibility is assumed in the contract and price established. In the responsibility of Moto4Fun Tenerife accidents are excluded. Each renter is responsible for his own safety and for his ability and driving.


The client agrees to collaborate with the organization of Moto4Fun Tenerife in the event of possible inconveniences in the services that for different reasons could arise and that Moto4Fun Tenerife would solve according to current regulations.

In the event of a complaint, the customer must immediately notify the company to try to solve it as soon as possible.

Possible claims must be submitted in writing within 10 days after the end of the lease.


Summarizing the rules of the contract, by signing it, the client agrees that he assumes the risk involved in renting a motorcycle. He agrees that while GressiScooter-Y2666148W is responsible for certain services contracted for individuals, unforeseen inconveniences may arise from that moment for which he cannot be held responsible. The client admits to being healthy and meeting the necessary requirements for the rental and / or motorcycle trip.

In the event that there is no adequate equipment in the Moto4Fun Tenerife for the client, the client must be responsible for obtaining it in order to drive in the correct conditions. Moto4Fun Tenerife reserves the right to possible typographical or translation errors.


No travel, health or life insurance is normally included in our leases. Moto4Fun Tenerife recommends its clients to contract another type of insurance separately that can cover them against possible eventualities.

There are travel cancellation insurance that in many cases covers in case of not being able to travel due to illness. There are also insurances that cover the loss of luggage or damage to it.