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    We designed an unforgettable experience in Dracula’s land 

    Join us for an adventure packed tour in Romania in 2020!

    Over a Decade of Riding Experience through places such as India, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and many more has given us an edge in designing motorcycle tours that rise above the ordinary.

    Passionate about Touring Remote Regions

    Moto4Fun is an extension of our passion for motorcycle touring and this trip is based on our personal riding experience in remote regions. Eastern Europe still intrigues many of the motorcycle riders and most of the times Romania is the top choice for many of them. It houses the famous Transfagarasan Road, Dracula’s Castle, World Renown Cuisine and Beautiful Nature.

    Our Proposal!

    An 8 Day Motorcycle Tours of what might be called the best riding experience in the Carpathian Mountains and beyond. The routes, the places to stay and the experience proposed during this tour are all crafted to offer the experience of a lifetime.

    This motorcycle tour will take you into an intoxicating mix of cultures, unbelievable natural beauty, unheard myths and unimaginable experiences.

    This tour is extra special for us we are doing it once a year and this time we would like to share the experience

    About the Tour

    This is an 8 Day Guided Motorcycle Tour across some of the most beautiful landscapes Romania has to offer. During the tour you will follow our professional guide that will take care of your safety and knows the route like the back of his hand. Behind the group there will be a support van that will also carry all your luggage as well as a spare motorbike.

    The Roads

    The route will go over the Carpathian Mountains, secluded villages, mountain paths as well as famous roads such as the Transfagarasan and Transalpina. Most of the way we will be driving on good tarmac although there will be bad sections and since we are going off the beaten path we will also encounter some gravel roads.

    We could write so much about the roads but nothing will prepare you for the breathtaking sceneries and wild locations. All we know is you will experience a superb route that will build-up many stories and memories.

    The Castles

    Our route will stop at some well known castles such as Peles, Bran(Dracula’s Castle) and Corvinilor. Romania has a rich medieval heritage as well as an elegant theme of the Royal Family; the castles are a strong testimony of this country’s history.

    We will visit 3 of the most popular castles and this include the 14th century Corvin Castle, built on the site of a former Roman camp, the elegant 19th century Peles Castle with its 160 rooms filled with priceless European art and, of course, the Bran Castle, built in the mid-1300s and legendary home to Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula.

    Hidden Gems

    Sarmizegetusa Regia is The Legendary Capital of the Dacians and it is often skipped by tourists. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and it is hidden in the dense forests of the Carpathians Mountains.

    It is the capital of ancient Dacia and it dates back more than two millenniums. Sarmizegetusa Regia is one of the oldest, most surprising and mysterious historical attractions in Romania. The roads are windy and they go through the dense forests of the nearby mountains. The views and the energy of the place is second to none and we find it as a great source of tranquility.

    The Cities

    Romania is a picturesque and fascinating country with something for everyone and we will definitely stop and enjoy some of the most renown cities. It wasn’t an easy task to choose which are the most important cities we will want to spend a night in and which are the ones that we will just stop for visiting their top attractions.

    Sibiu is in the center of Romania in the Transylvania region and it was settled by German settlers as early as 1191, here we will also visit the Village Museum; it is an open air museum that hosts original monuments representative for the values of the Romanian village. In the vicinity of the Bran Castle we will also find Brasov, although the city square is beautiful and we will take a break here the roads that surround it are absolutely breathtaking. Bucharest will mark the start and finish of our journey and we will make sure you will see why it got the reputation for the high life in the 1900s and earned its nickname of “Little Paris”.

    The Food

    The Food

    This section should make you fall in love in Romania. We have prepared the route in such a way that we will get the chance to experience some of the best traditional Romanian food out there. The Romanian cuisine is the culmination of all the influences around the region with strong Turkish flavours.

    In Romania they like to think that the most fruitful path to the heart of a place is through the stomach. During this trip we will go over a selection of traditional food dishes that combine the he cuisines of each region of the country. Although the country has a strong appetite for meat we have a delicious selection of vegetarian dishes.